It is critical that you understand that we accept no responsibility for any risk of damage, theft or loss whilst your goods are being delivered/transported.
Therefore, it remains your responsibility to ensure that you organise your own Transport. Or, we would be happy to assist in organising Transport for you from our end (we use courier, overnight and road freight Transport services).


The 12 Months/1000Hrs Factory Warranty (including 6 months Electrical Parts Warranty) is void if Forklifts, Stackers or Pallet Jacks have not been serviced according to manual instructions, proper use and general maintenance. All other products must also comply to safety instructions, capacity rating and the user manual.
All products sold for customers outside Sydney metropolitan areas are covered only by factory parts warranty only, any labour work is not covered.

For Sydney metro areas- our warranty includes Factory Parts and Labour with a professional team of forklift technicians, however your forklift must be regularly serviced and preventative maintenance taken. The first forklift service should be at approx. 50hrs or after a month of use, and then every 250hrs /or at least every 6 months – whichever comes first and depending on use. Our Pallet Jacks and Stackers come with a 12months factory warranty on the hydraulic components (pumps), and 6 months on all electrical components.

Warranty does not cover damage from water effect, wear and tear, misuse, abuse, tampering, fire, overload due to excess weight, bent frame/forks from excess user weight, or freight charges. For out of Sydney metro areas, please make certain that your forklift or stacker is regularly serviced to keep factory parts warranty valid.
With proper maintenance and servicing that is purchased at a great value price – your Niuli forklift will be the best value material handling solution for your business.

Product Pricing

All product prices are GST exclusive. All products will need GST added to get the Total GST inclusive price.
Payment method preferred is by Direct Deposit.
All Debit Card payments incur a 0.5 % surcharge, General Credit Cards 1.5% and American Express 2.5%.

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