Electric Pallet Jacks & Walkie Stackers for Sale at Sydney’s Best Prices

Just as the work around your warehouse can become too much for your staff, it can also become too much for your manual pallet jacks. To ensure that your productivity isn’t hindered, and your staff are kept safe, upgrade your equipment by looking for electric pallet stackers and walkie stackers for sale. These incredible motorized pallet jack machines are built to handle the toughest of tasks, weave through narrow aisles, survive collisions, and afford the operator an ease of use with remarkable power available at any moment.

No matter if your Sydney business is in need of promoting better operations with your delivery service, warehouse stocking, manufacturing, or dock work, Niuli Machinery Manufacture Australia has you covered with a range of pallet jacks and electric devices. We have the finest electric pallet jacks and walkie stackers for sale at the most competitive prices in the industry. Find out more from our experts today by calling (02) 9625 5666.

More Choice for Your Electric Pallet Jacks & Walkie Stackers

When designing our electric pallet jack stackers and walkie stackers, our primary concern was to create the optimal satisfaction amongst our customers. With impressive carrying capacity, top quality steel body and full electric forward/reverse & up/down controls, these motorized pallet jack machines will do the work for you. Perfect for jobs in trucks and warehouses, they are also incredibly safe, with emergency stop buttons, safety reverse features, foot guards, and horns to announce your presence. Worried about the electric battery? No need to be. Our electric pallet jacks and walkie stackers for sale also come with a 2m long charging cable that plugs straight into a power point, so you won’t have to add more to the purchase price with buying subsequent batteries.

Browse our range of Pallet Jack and Electric Devices at the Industry’s Most Competitive Prices

Our team at Niuli Machine Manufacture Australia are committed to taking the time and finding the right solution to your problems. Want to know more about our electric pallet jacks and walkie stackers, or any of our other products for sale, including manual pallet jacks and stackers? Open a dialogue with us today by calling our Sydney offices on (02) 9625 5666, sending an email to admin@niuli.com.au, or taking a moment to leave your details on the enquiry form found on our contact page, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.