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Niuli Machinery
Manufacture Australia

We are the Biggest Pallet Jacks Range Supplier in Australia, all types from Standard, Narrow, Short, Low Profile, Extra Long to all Electric Pallet Jacks

If your business moves heavy loads or works with containers, you’ll want access to a high quality Container Mast Forklift. At Niuli Machinery Manufacture Australia, we’re here to save you money on quality New Forklifts, Pallet Stackers and Pallet Jacks.

We specialize in counter-balanced Container Mast Forklifts. Now that you’ve found us, you’ll find the best value forklift for your business at prices you can afford. Our new budget forklifts are sourced for being inexpensive as well as reliable. This means that the money that you spend now will allow you to have a great forklift for years to come.

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Established 1999

Family owned

We are an exclusive Niuli Machinery dealer in Australia, and Feeler (Ozdemir) Forklifts so we are the only company that can buy directly from the manufacturer and sell directly to our customers, saving them a considerable amount on each product with the same high quality that they expect from us at Niuli Machinery Manufacture Australia.

Owned by Pandora Imports Pty Ltd, “Niuli Machinery Manufacture Australia” is a wholly family owned and operated business which is dedicated to delivering quality NEW Forklifts at the lowest prices in the current forklift market in Australia. We will provide you with a forklift that is a quality unit, gets the job done and is a real value for your money.

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25 years experience

We can now assist you with the below items:

1.8 Ton to 10 Ton Capacity Diesel forklifts
1.8 Ton to 3.5 Ton Capacity LPG / Dual Fuel forklifts
A complete range of Pallet Jacks including Electric,
Pallet Stackers (Walkie Stackers)
Platform Trollies
Scissor Lift Platforms
and many more lifting equipment types

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